Owners wanting to sell a property are usually concerned about 2 issues:
  1. They want to ‘net’ (after expenses) the very most for their property, and
  2. They want to work with a Realtor® they are comfortable with, confident in and can trust.
There is a 3rd issue that owners should also be concerned about:
  1. Who will accurately represent the property?
Victoria has more than 1,200 Realtors® so there are lots of candidates to choose from.

With a proven and well-documented history in real estate sales, our results are different because...

  1. We do not act for buyers or ‘double-end a sale’ on our own listings.
    Double-ending occurs when a Realtor® brings a buyer to his/her own listing, thus securing both the buyer’s and seller’s commission. Since a Realtor® is privy to a seller’s circumstances and motivation to sell, many sellers feel this is a conflict of interest.
  2. We limit our active listings so that we can stay focused and motivated to sell.
  3. Rick’s building inspection background is beneficial to the sellers when dealing with questions from potential buyers or their Realtors®.
  4. Rick’s building inspection background of over 12 years, ensures that sellers have an informed industry professional in their camp when potential buyers have their building inspection completed.
  5. Rick has developed a marketing system that allows him to sell most of his listings at or above full price.
  6. Rick looks after his own listings and does not delegate them to associates. Unless, Rick is on holiday you really do get ‘the Main Man himself’ looking after your listing and negotiation details.
  7. Rick’s strata experience is well known. He is familiar with most complexes and most strata issues: it can be comforting to have Rick on your team when trying to sell a condo. He can present it in its best light and answer most buyer or Realtor® questions.







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